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Already Loved

04 Dec Already Loved

We love because he first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19

To earn one’s love seems to be the norm in today’s society. Our subconscious is saturated with magazine articles, advice from relationship gurus, and matchmaking service ads that seem to think they have the cure for making someone love you.  We are honestly bred to believe that we must work for someone’s affection to get them to even notice us let alone love us.

In Genesis 29:31-30:22 we see the story of two sisters (Rachel and Leah) vying for the affection of their husband Jacob.  The women competed viciously for his love only to be disappointed about the outcome. Leah failed to realize that even though Jacob’s acceptance of her was absent, God opened her womb, and through the miracle of birth showed her how much He loved her. Just like Leah, Rachel failed to realize that her husband had already accepted her. She focused on what her sister was able to give him and forgot that Jacob had worked for her hand in marriage for 14 years.  Overall both sisters missed it and put themselves in emotional and physical turmoil to earn something that they already had in the beginning.

How many times have we forgotten how much God already loves us that we spend more time worrying about our performance and forget to grow our relationship with Him?  How many times have we bought the lies of the enemy that God must be upset, or does not love us anymore, because we have fallen or have not made some sort of sacrifice? The chains of trying to earn love don’t work with God. There is freedom in His love, and nothing that we can do, or cannot do, will separate us from it (Romans 8:37-39).

Renew your mind and remember that God loved you first and accepted you before you even came to accept yourself.  Stop running around trying to earn God’s love and just accept it, bask in it, become complete in it and share His love with others.

  • Kyra Ridgell
    Posted at 22:11h, 20 December Reply

    Oh, how he loves you and me!

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