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Saved by Grace

14 Jul Saved by Grace

Nine year old Aniaha wakes up every morning and does the same routine:  washing up, packing her backpack, quickly eating breakfast, and heading to the bus stop with her 5 year old sister Camry. This particular day was no different than the rest; the only change was the rainy weather. Before setting out Aniaha covered her head with her hood. While mom watched from afar, she began to make her way to the bus stop with her sister in tow.  Upon approaching the cross walk Aniaha wisely looked both ways before crossing the street; “all clear” so she thought.  Stepping out into the street with her main focus on getting to the other side, a scream from her mother, jolted her out of her frame of thinking “ Aniaha no!”  Quickly sensing that something was wrong, Aniaha looked up and saw an oncoming truck barreling towards them; without hesitation Aniaha snatched her sister back to safety, but it was too late for her to make it back.  She braced herself, as the truck connected with her small frame.


Could you imagine physically sacrificing yourself to save the life of another, knowing that you did not deserve to die?  Your answer would be full of hesitation, but what if it meant that it would save humanity, by giving them a second chance at eternity. Would your answer still be full of hesitation?


Some never experience the full joy of their salvation. They accept Jesus, but then go about doing what they did before. Accepting Jesus into our lives is more than just “keeping ourselves out of hell.”  It is receiving the best gift ever given; God’s grace – the rawest form of sacrificial love. It represents how much God loves us, and wants us to remain one with him. When we understand the sacrifice of Jesus, we soon began to realize the joys that come with being saved. Sacrificing our previous lifestyle, and walking in the foot prints of Jesus, so all may know of how much He loves us.


When nine year old Aniaha was interviewed, after her incident, she stated that her sister “was too young to be hit like this, and if she got hit she would hardly be alive. She would probably be gone forever.” God knew that we were not equipped to take the hit of death, so He sent His one and only Son to take the hit for us. Know that you will never find a love that will match what Jesus did for you and me on Cavalry. To be pure and blameless, and still be beaten and torn for people who did deserve to die.  Start experiencing the joy of walking in the full understanding of your salvation, so that you may receive all the benefits that come with God’s grace.


Romans 3:22-24 Romans 6:23 Ephesians 2:8-10 John 15:13


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